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Our items are certified according to European law and also standards. This means independent agencies examine if all rules of natural farming and food manufacturing are being conducted appropriately.

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At Baby Growths, you can get the best baby formulas with premium quality to match your infant’s needs. We are one of the top-rated sellers of the best baby formula Canada.
We are ambitious to provide the essential nutrients for your babies on different stages of their growth.
We proudly sell the best Loulouka formula in Canada to assure a huge difference in your infant’s growth and overall health.


All our products under organic baby’s product line are EU certified. We are selling all these organic formula products under strict standards and regulations of the European health council.


Babies are little angels and real blessings from God. So, feeding them the right way is our priority for appropriate nourishment and growth. We have the best baby formula Canada to sell to all parents for their infants based on common ingredients and sources. Parents can surely trust our top-rated and top-selling organic baby formula’s products.
Under EU standards, we sell all approved products, including Hipp formula, Loulouka formula, and goat formula milk. At Baby Growths, you would surely love to find a trustworthy retailer or supplier of organic baby formulas for Canadian markets and individual parents!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would I Buy From BabyGrowths.Shop?

BabyGrowths is a Reliable Source of baby formula. We buy directly from the brands we sell on our website because of our network and our location in Europe, and thus can 100% ensure that the products we sell are real and not from any traders. This also ensures that our products have the longest shelf life possible. Aside from that, we have a certified warehouse to handle organic food that is temperature-controlled. Moreover, our team is educated to work with organic foods. Before each shipment leaves our warehouse, we do extensive inspections.

What Is The Process When I Place An Order?

We are responsible for delivering your organic food within 24 hours once you have placed your order. Moreover, you can also track your order with the help of provided tracking information.

Is It possible To Buy From You For A Business?

Contact us at for business-related queries.

What Is The Shipping Cost When I Place An Order From Abroad At ?

You would love to know that we are offering free delivery worldwide. So, you can get your parcel at your doorstep free of cost.

Will I Have To Pay Import Dues To My National Customs?

Yes, you have to pay a small cost to your national customs as an import fee. However, each state’s custom rules are different according to their regulations. So, we don’t guarantee that you don’t need to pay for national customs.

How Long Does It Take Before I Receive My Order?

The delivery duration depends on different facts. You can also check the provided table to know all details about shipping transits and time.

Why Should I Buy European Organic Formula?

We only offer baby formula from Europe because of strict health standards and regulations. So, you consider food safety and authenticity really strictly. As you can see, the organic formula standards of other regions are not that strict. But we are glad to offer European baby organic formula with high-quality and long-lasting shelf life.

How Does European Formula Compare To The Common Formulas?

You don’t need to compare the European formula to common formulas because those formulas include sweeteners and artificial preservatives and flavors. Most cows are not fed an organic and standard diet. So, their milk-based formulas are not according to European health standards and regulations.

What Is The Meaning Of Different Stages Of Organic Formula?

Basically, there are three stages of organic baby formula according to the different age groups of your infant. Based on your baby’s growth and age group, you can switch to different baby formulas, including the Loulouka formula. 

How Do I Prepare A Bottle Of Formula?

To prepare the formula appropriately and according to your infant’s feeding needs, check the provided chart and table on each packaging for better considerations. 

Do You Ever Have Sale?

To get the sale and discount-related details, join our mailing list. So, you can know on time about upcoming sales and discounts.