Nannycare Stage 3 Goat Milk Formula

Nannycare Stage 3 Goat Milk Formula

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Nannycare Stage 3 Goat Milk Formula contains a lot of nutrition for active toddlers and older babies. Goat milk is naturally closer to breast milk than milk formula made from cows. It is gentler and less processed so your child can get out and about.

  • Made in a world-class, purpose-built facility in the UK using natural goat milk that is gentle on small tummies.
  • 100% Free of starch, palm oil, maltodextrin, and corn syrup
  • The taste test wins: Most mothers prefer the taste of the market leader to the taste in European trials

Breastfeeding is the best way to provide nutrition for your baby. The organic formula can be used if breastfeeding is not possible or necessary. All of our products comply with EU standards. Customers are responsible for ensuring that the products they purchase meet local standards. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

Nannycare Stage 3 Goat Milk Formula: Why Choose Nannycare?

Nannycare Stage 3 goat milk formula is made from delicate goat milk curds. They require minimal processing to make a tasty, nutritious product. Goat milk is a traditional option to breast milk and provides natural nutrition that supports healthy development through toddlerhood.

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From 12 months+ 

  • 1 can consists of 900g (31.74 oz).
  • Made with entire goat milk.
  • Formulated to satisfy EU requirements.
  • Made in New Zealand.
  • No included whey proteins.
  • No Gluten, Wheat or Yeast.
  • No suitable for vegetarians.

For allergens, see active ingredients in strong.