Loulouka stage 3 Follow on formula 10+ months

Loulouka stage 3 Follow on formula 10+ months

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Loulouka Bio 3 Formula Stage 3

During the last months of your baby’s first year, he needs more nutrients and healthy ingredients because he is growing bigger and stronger. You also have to switch to related milk formulas according to changes and babies’ growths and ages. If you are looking for the best formula milk for your 10+ months baby, buy Loulouka Bio stage 3 formula milk.

Loulouka Bio stage 3 formula is designed after considering all nutritional details of your babies. This formula milk also contains some additional ingredients and several calories. So, your baby can get more energy to grow strongly and actively. You can also move to this stage if your baby always feels hungry.

At baby Growths, you can get the right Loulouka formula in your baby’s required stage according to his nutrient requirements.


  • Contains all nutrients needed for your growing baby
  • No corn syrup or sugar syrup
  • Manufactured with 100% active and natural ingredients

All ingredients added in the Loulouka formula are pure, reliable and safe to use for your babies. Loulouka stage 3 Bio formula also contains Omega 3 & 6 for better brain and heart health.

Parents Love Loulouka Bio 3 Formula:

Even though Loulouka formula milk is a new product in the market, parents still love to rely on it for their babies because of its natural ingredients. We also love this formula milk for;

  • Following EU standards and regulation
  • Not including palm oil
  • Becoming the best nutrient diet for growing babies
  • Breast feeding to bottle feeding easy switching
  • Easy to prepare method
  • No including GMO ingredients

Baby Growths Guarantee To Offer:

  • Safe and quick delivery with DHL
  • 100% original Loulouka stage 3 Bio formula
  • Immediate shipping to Canada

Loulouka stage 3 Bio formula is a complete diet for growing babies. That’s why parents in large numbers love to buy this formula for their babies. The EU certification has made this product more reliable and trustworthy of its all-natural ingredients.

Swiss cows are raised on healthy grass and diet to source the high-quality milk for Loulouka formula. If you are looking for the ideal baby formula for your 10+ months babies, the Loulouka Bio stage 3 formula is a perfect choice.