Loulouka stage 2 Follow on formula 6+ months

Loulouka stage 2 Follow on formula 6+ months

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Loulouka Bio 2 Formula Stage 2

Loulouka Bio 2 formula milk is designed for 6-12 months babies. If you want to transfer your baby from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding, this formula would be the best choice. It includes all the ingredients and nutrients your baby will need for strong development. You can also switch to this stage 2 formula to follow the stage 1 formula. Stage 2 Bio formula is formulated with Swiss cow’s milk to offer your babies all needed nutrients and ingredients. Apart from lactose, this formula also contains essential minerals and vitamins best for a baby’s growth. Features:

  • Designed for 6-12 months babies
  • Contains 30% starch and 70% lactose
  • No palm oil
  • EU-certified
  • Made with pure Swiss cow’s milk

We Love Loulouka Bio 2 Formula:

If you are familiar with milk formula brands, you will surely know that Loulouka is a new brand in Canadian markets. But parents still love to rely on it and buy it for their babies. The reason is that it is manufactured under EU standards and regulations. Like Loulouka Stage 1 Bio formula, the Loulouka stage 2 formula also contains coconut oil instead of palm oil. So, babies can digest this formula milk without any abdominal cramps and other allergic issues.

  • No soy and palm oils
  • Gluten free
  • No corn and sugar syrups
  • No GMO
  • Not a good option for vegetarians

Other baby milk formulas use artificial ingredients and oils to make their formula milks tasty. Unfortunately, those flavored and unnatural milk formulas are unsuitable for your babies. If you want to switch your baby from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding or stage 1 formula milk to the next stage, buy Loulouka Bio 2 formula at Baby Growths.

We Guarantee:

  • 100% organic and real Loulouka Stage 2 product
  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • Free delivery with DHL

We assure you that this stage 2 formula milk will provide all ingredients and nutrients needed for your baby’s growth and strong development. Loulouka formula is gentle on tummies. That’s why babies love it!