Loulouka Bio Stage 1 Formula First Baby formula 0+ months

Loulouka Bio Stage 1 Formula First Baby formula 0+ months

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Loulouka Formula Stage 1 First Baby Milk

Whenever you are looking for the best baby formula milk, nothing can compete with the Loulouka formula. Even though it is the newest formula introduced in Canadian markets under EU regulation, parents still love it because of its super-healthy and natural ingredients.

Loulouka formula stage 1 is a 100% organic infant milk formula designed for 0-6 months babies. This formula is based on 100% lactose. It is easy to digest for little tummies. Indeed, formula milk will provide all the needed nutrients to your babies.

What Makes Loulouka Stage 1 Formula A Best Choice?

Loulouka stage 1 formula is prepared under EU regulations and standards. It is based on 100% natural and bio ingredients that are easy to digest for infants. The main thing that makes the Loulouka formula a better choice is the containment of coconut oil instead of palm oil.

Parents can also get all the used ingredient’s details and ratios on this formula milk packaging.


  • Best for 0-6 months babies
  • 100% lactose
  • EU-certified
  • No artificial flavoring and sweetening ingredients
  • No palm oil

Parenting can be difficult; buying the right baby formula shouldn’t be! If you are looking for the best formula for your infant or a newborn, consider buying the Loulouka stage 1 Bio formula at Baby Growths.

Why Do We Love Loulouka Bio Formula Stage 1?

  • Contains all essential fatty acids and required nutrients for your infants
  • Prepared under Eu standards and regulations
  • A closet alternative of breast milk
  • Easy to prepare
  • Long shelf life
  • No GMO
  • No gluten
  • Contains minerals and Vitamins for perfect diet

What Makes Us A Proud Seller?

  • 100% original Loulouka products
  • Free and express delivery with DHL
  • Fresh batch of products to offer a long shelf life
  • Quick and reliable Loulouka formula provider in Canada

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