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Holle Goat Stage 2 Organic Formula


  • Ideal for 6+ months babies
  • Eu certified organic formula
  • Gentle formula
  • Formulated with pure goat milk
  • Free of gluten
  • No soy, wheat, nuts and eggs
  • Contains Omega 3 & 6 for better brain development
  • Best for vegetarians
  • Enriched with Vitamin A, C and D
  • Doesn’t contain complex ingredient’s list
  • Contains organic starch

Holle stage 2 formula can substitute for or supplement breastmilk starting at six months of age. Until the end of the baby’s third year of life, this formula should be used as part of a mixed diet of bottle feeds and weaning.

This gentle formula is prepared with organic whole goat’s milk, which is easier for newborns to digest than cow’s milk proteins, making it an excellent option. Because cow’s milk and goat milk share some protein components, Holle Goats Milk Formula stage 2 should not be used in cow’s milk intolerance cases.

Holle goat’s milk formula stage 2 Canada is prepared with organically grown components. Only a few tightly regulated organic components are used in its basic ingredients list, which is created to be as near to breast milk as possible. These high-quality ingredients are gentle on sensitive stomachs and may aid in the relief of digestive issues such as constipation, gas, bloating, cramps, and colic.

Holle’s smooth, creamy texture is made with organic starch and corn-derived maltodextrin, which helps your baby feel fuller for longer, making feeding time a breeze.

Why We Love It!

  • A 100% biodynamic formula sourced through organic farming
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Doesn’t contain steroids
  • Without any artificial and salt additives
  • No artificial coloring
  • Easy to prepare
  • Easy to digest

This nutrient-dense formula will aid your child’s natural digestion, keeping them healthy and happy. The formula in each package weighs 400g. Cow’s milk and goat’s milk have several protein structures in common. Holle Organic Goat Milk Follow-On Formula 2 may not be tolerated by children with a cow’s milk allergy. In such circumstances, individual testing should be done; children with severe allergies should only be examined after consulting with a pediatrician.


Holle Organic Goat Milk Follow-On Formula 2 is for infants who have had one solid meal per day for six months. It’s a good alternative to cow’s milk-based follow-on formula.