Holle Bio stage 1 Infant goat formula 0+ months

Holle Bio stage 1 Infant goat formula 0+ months

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Holle Bio Stage 1 Infant Goat Formula


  • Ideal for o-6 months old babies
  • A new formulation
  • Contains DHA
    Weighs 400g per box
  • Free of gluten
  • No added sugar and preservatives
  • Easy to prepare
  • EU certified
  • Prepare with organic and natural goat milk
  • Contains ARA Omega 6
  • Best for vegetarians

In Canada, Holle stage 1 infant formula is safe to use from birth to 6 months. This formula is great as a whole meal or as a breastfeeding supplement. This gentle formula is created with organic whole goat’s milk, which is easier to digest for newborns who have intolerances to the proteins found in cow’s milk, making it an excellent alternative to regular cow’s milk formula.

Only a few tightly regulated organic components are used in its basic ingredients list, designed to be as near to breast milk as possible. Stage 1 is gentle on sensitive stomachs because it contains no corn syrup or starch, and it may help relieve constipation, gas, bloating and abdominal cramps.

Holle’s smooth, creamy texture is made with organic corn-derived maltodextrin, which helps keep your baby feeling full for longer, making feeding time a breeze. This nutritionally rich formula will aid in the natural digestion of your child, keeping them healthy and happy. There are 400g of formula in each carton.

Why We Love It!

A mother’s milk is the most natural and effective kind of nutrition for a baby, as it contains all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Holle advocates nursing for this reason. Furthermore, the close touch between a mother and her child while breastfeeding fosters harmony and security sentiments. Consult your doctor or a health professional before using this product.

With an 80-year history and the finest standards in the world, Holle is one of Europe’s oldest baby formula makers. One of the first Demeter companies to be certified, it is currently one of the major Demeter certified baby food producers. Demeter farms live in biodynamic harmony with nature, respecting both plants and animals.

  • Doesn’t contain steroids and chemicals
  • No wheat, soy, nuts and eggs
  • Meet all EU requirements and standards