HIPP HA Pre combiotic Baby Formula (German Version)

HIPP HA Pre combiotic Baby Formula (German Version)

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Hipp HA Pre Combiotic Baby Formula

Nothing is more upsetting than seeing your baby in pain, which can happen when they are allergic to the components in baby formula. We have HiPP HA Pre Combiotic on hand, which is designed for babies aged six months and up who have digestive issues or hay fever-like symptoms due to cow’s milk protein sensitivity and intolerance.

HiPP Hypoallergenic PRE is a customized infant formula with whey protein hydrolysate, which breaks down long-chain milk proteins into smaller bits. Whey proteins make the recipe more digestible and reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions.

This baby formula is closer to breast milk because of natural lactose as a main source of carbohydrates. It also contains vegetable oils, vitamins, and essential minerals to offer a complete nutrient diet to your babies. However, the consistency of the Hipp HA pre formula is less than the stage 1 HA formula due to lack of starch. The lack of starch in Hipp HA pre makes it easy to digest for sensitive and allergic babies.

Why We Love Hipp HA Pre Combiotic Baby Formula?

  • Absence of starch
  • No GMO
  • Hydrolyzed milk to minimize the allergens
  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics
  • Enriched in DHA and ARA
  • No synthetic preservatives and artificial ingredients
  • Easy to prepare
  • Easy to digest
  • Manufactured in German
  • Best for 0-6 months old babies
  • Gluten-free
  • No soy, nuts, eggs are included

Choosing the right formula for an allergic and sensitive baby can be difficult, especially when you have many options available in the Canadian market. Undoubtedly, Hipp is one of the most well-known and earliest baby formula manufacturing brands. It formulates all baby formulas under EU standards and regulations. So, you can surely trust this reliable source of nutrients for your newborn.

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