Hipp German Hypoallergenic (HA2) stage 2 6+ months

Hipp German Hypoallergenic (HA2) stage 2 6+ months

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Hipp German Hypoallergenic (HA2)

HiPP German Hypoallergenic (HA2) Stage 2 Combiotic Infant Milk Formula is the ideal solution for babies and toddlers over six months. Babies are usually ready for a new formula at four to six months.

Hipp HA Combiotic new formulas have more nutrients and proteins to help babies feel satisfied for longer. Your infant may have trouble digesting natural milk proteins if he has trouble keeping their formula down. It’s possible that this began earlier, and you’re already feeding your hypoallergenic infant formula.

Why We Love Hipp German HA2?

  • Designed for babies suffering from formula intolerance and allergens
  • Free of starch
  • Free of gluten
  • No GMO
  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics
  • Formulated with Hydrolyzed milk to maximize digestibility
  • No sugar and corn syrups added
  • No artificial flavoring, preservatives and synthetic ingredients
  • Easy to prepare within minutes
  • Best for 6-12 months old babies

Indeed, Hipp is one of the most well-known baby formula-producing brands. They have formulated all their formula products under strict guidelines and standards of the EU council. Hipp HA Stage 1 doesn’t contain unnecessary nutrients and ingredients that make this formula easy to digest, especially for formula intolerant babies.

If your baby cannot get over any natural milk formula, Hipp HA is the best choice for her. You can get Hipp HA2 Combiotic German baby formula within Canada at market-competitive rates and free delivery from our website. Help your six-month or older baby with easy digestion by selecting Hipp HA 2 German Combiotic infant formula for him.