Hipp Formula UK stage 2 Follow on formula 6+ months

Hipp Formula UK stage 2 Follow on formula 6+ months

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Hipp Formula Uk Stage 2 Follow On Formula

HiPP Organic Combiotic UK Stage 2 is a nutrient-dense follow-on milk formula prepared with only the finest organic ingredients. When transitioning from breast milk or infant formula, this mild formula can be used as part of a mixed diet for babies as young as six months.

Hipp follow-on Stage 2 formula contains vital vitamins such as A, C, and D, which help the immune system work normally. Calcium absorption and bone development require vitamin D. It contains vital elements such as iron and vitamins that contribute to appropriate brain development.

This supplement milk contains the nutrients your baby requires to grow strong and healthy. Hipp follow-on milk delivers the nutrients newborns need to develop strong and healthy when they are not breastfed and is a suitable addition to the weaning diet starting at 6 months.

Hipp is the world’s leading organic baby food and nutrition expert, with over 50 years of experience. All of the organic components used in Hipp follow-on milk are checked for purity and undesirable substances at every production stage.


  • Best for 6 months to onwards babies
  • Enriched with iron and Iodine
  • Contains prebiotics
  • Free of starch
  • Eu-certified organic product
  • Contains Vitamin A, C, D and other essential minerals
  • Formulated in Germany

Why We Love Hipp UK Stage 2 Follow On Formula?

Hipp produces the most organic raw resources in the world. Hedgehogs, owls, and hawks are natural pest controllers that HiPP farmer’s support. They try to establish a natural environment for their animals by allowing them to graze and roam freely.

Hipp Organic is the UK’s first comprehensive organic formula milk line. If your child is being bottle-fed, we have several Hipp formulas ideal for every age group so you can be confident they are getting the proper nutrition at the right time. You can get free shipping with DHL in Canada after ordering Hipp Formula UK Stage via our website.