Hipp Formula UK stage 1 Infant formula 0+ months

Hipp Formula UK stage 1 Infant formula 0+ months

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Hipp Formula UK Stage 1 Infant Formula

HiPP Organic Combiotic UK Stage 1 is a whey-based infant formula nutritionally complete and created with natural organic ingredients. This mild formula is safe for newborns from birth and is great for supplementing breast milk or bottle-feeding exclusively.

Iron, Vitamins A, C, and D, and other essential vitamins and nutrients are included in the formula to support your growing baby’s strength and health. It’s only natural that if you’re not breastfeeding your baby, you’ll want to find the best baby milk formula for them. Hipp has been formulating baby milk formulas for over a decade, and we understand that each baby is different.

We are confident that we have the correct formula for your baby to offer them the finest start in life. HiPP infant formula is created in Germany with organic components that have been certified by the EU council.

Before leaving the plant, each product is put through tests. Unlike American brands, EU Organic regulations have advantages, resulting in an even safer formula. HiPP places a premium on quality, so they insist on EU organic certification for each recipe.


  • An organic baby formula milk
  • Best for o months to onwards babies
  • No added starch
  • No added sugar and other sweeteners
  • Free of gluten
  • No GMO
  • Contains prebiotics for better digestion
  • No wheat, nuts, soy and eggs
  • Contains Omega 3& 6 for better visual and brain development
  • Iron-fortified
  • No synthetic ingredients and preservatives

Why We Love Hipp Formula UK Stage 1?

If you are tired of searching for the right and 100% organic formula for your baby, go for Hipp Formula UK stage 1 for your infant blindly. It is super-easy even for sensitive babies to digest this organic UK baby formula by providing them with all essential and required nutrients.

Hipp UK baby formula is EU-certified formula milk that makes it the number one choice of Canadian, UK and USA parents for their babies.