Loulouka Formula Canada

Loulouka Baby Formula

Loulouka formula is organic baby formula. It was firstly introduced in 2016. The manufacturer region of this well-reputed and high-quality baby formula is Switzerland. The best thing about this formula is that it is manufactured under strict regulations and standards of European rules. So, there is no chance of low-quality if you consider Loulouka baby formula for your infant. Loulouka is a baby formula made entirely of organic ingredients.

According to European Union-certified organic standards, all of the ingredients are sourced in Switzerland. As a result, the raw materials do not travel far. They are processed right in the country where they are grown, ensuring that the best quality is maintained without being subjected to varying circumstances during transportation.

The main thing that makes Loulouka formula a better option for most parents is that it doesn’t include palm oil. Instead of palm oil, Loulouka baby formula contains coconut oil that is easy to digest for babies.

Different Stages Of Loulouka Baby Formula:

The Loulouka formula comes in three different stages. Parents can switch between these stages according to the growth and requirements of their babies. Let’s discuss about these three stages in detail for better consideration;

Stage 1:

Stage 1 formula is for 0–6-month babies. So, it would be the best consideration for newborn babies. Stage 1 Loulouka formula contains only Lactose with 0.7g of iron.

Stage 2:

The second stage, or stage 2 Loulouka formula, is for 6–12-month babies. It contains lactose and also Maltodextrin with 1 mg iron.

Stage 3:

Well, stage 3 and 2 formulas are almost similar but with fewer changes. This formula is made for 10 to onward babies. So, you can consider it at any stage of your baby’s growth after the first ten months according to his nutrients and diet needs. Stage 3 Loulouka formula contains lactose, maltodextrin and 1 mg iron.

The Benefits Of Loulouka Baby Formula

As we mentioned above, the Loulouka formula is manufactured under strict rules and regulations European standards. So, it comes with the high-quality and right amount of nutrients needed for your infant. Moreover, the lack of palm oil in this formula makes it a little bit more popular among the parents of their infants.

Loulouka formula also has many benefits. Let’s discuss a few of them in detail;

Certified And Authorized By European Union:

This is the main thing for most parents to rely on the Loulouka formula, even if it is new in the market. So, it would be easier for all to identify the organic level if it is made under European Union standards and regulations. No doubt, no manufacturers make products that can compete with the organic level of the EU products and food items.

This formula’s sustainable and healthy ingredients are also the reason to consider it.

Loulouka Formula Is Made Up Of Pure Cow’s Skimmed Milk:

Loulouka formula manufacturers use skimmed cow milk instead of raw and processed milk to provide all-natural proteins to your infants. Moreover, it doesn’t include any soy ingredients such as soy protein. We all know that the containment of soy ingredients in an organic formula makes it less healthy and effective for babies.

Coconut Oil: A Healthy And Sustainable Option:

Instead of using palm oil, the Loulouka formula contains coconut oil. So, it is easy for babies to digest it. Moreover, coconut oil in this organic formula makes it a little bit healthier for your babies.

The usage of coconut oil in Loulouka formulas makes it very close to breastmilk compared to other organic formulas such as Holle.

An Affordable Lactose Substitute:

Loulouka formula contains lactose in high amounts to offer basic carbohydrates to your babies. If your baby is not suffering from lactose intolerance, this organic formula is the best consideration. Other than lactose, this formula also includes Maltodextrin, sugar, rice syrup, and many other healthy ingredients to fulfill your baby’s nutrient requirements.

If you are looking for the best carbohydrates for your 0-6 months-old baby, the stage 1 Loulouka formula is surely for your infant! The stage 1 Loulouka formula contains 100% lactose without any sugar containment for your babies.


If you are concerned about the nutrient values of your babies, you have to give them the right ingredients in the form of the right high-quality products. Because the Loulouka formula is made under EU standards and regulations, it would be the best consideration for your children.

Indeed, it is the actual thing that your baby will need during its growing stages for complete nutrients. The Loulouka formula is completely made up of sustainable and natural ingredients. So, it is completely safe to use for your baby for his better growth and development.