Baby Formula for Sensitive Babies

Baby Organic Formula For Sensitive Babies

Has your baby experienced different symptoms, including coughing, Diarrhea and vomiting after intaking infant organic formula? If yes, your child may have sensitive digestion against that formula. No doubt, formulas can cause different allergies and symptoms in your babies.

Don’t worry; we have several options in the form of different organic formulas with different ingredients for each stage of your baby’s growth! Even if your baby is allergic to lactose, you can also go for lactose-free baby formula.

It is not easy for parents, especially moms, to see their babies suffering from digestion issues, bloating, diarrhea and vomiting. Different ingredients in low-quality formulas such as soya beans oil, palm oil and nuts can affect the digestion abilities of your little angels. If you feel any changes in the digestion pattern of your baby after switching to formula milk from breast milk, consult your pediatrician immediately.

Ensure to treat the sensitivity and allergies of your babies after pediatrician consolation. He will help you identify the real causes of indigestion and other issues related to formula milk. Continue reading to know more about baby sensitivity towards baby formulas;

How To Know About Formula Intolerance In Your Babies?

Usually, formula intolerance occurs when your baby’s immune system doesn’t react in the right pattern against different formula ingredients or exclusive formula. This reaction is also known as baby sensitivity towards a formula or allergic reaction.

Remember that even a small amount of an intolerant ingredient might lead to severe infant health issues. It would be great to ask a specialist for better guidelines if you see formula intolerance or sensitivity in your baby.

Undoubtedly, it’s normal to fuss or burp for babies after eating anything. But if burping and fussing issues are consistent, it would be a sign of food allergy. It might be because of cow milk intolerance used in formula milk.

One more thing you need to understand is that formula intolerance is different from food allergy. So, you have to know that either your baby is allergic to formula or suffering from formula intolerance. If your baby suffers from a formula intolerance issue, goat milk formula would be the best consideration.

What Are The Common Signs And Symptoms Of Formula Allergies?

If your infant is allergic to formula milk, his immune system will react immediately, especially against protein included in cow’s milk. The symptoms of formula allergies vary from baby to baby. Moreover, the severity of these allergies depends on the different ingredients and their quantity present in the used formula.

However, the common signs and symptoms of formula allergies are following:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Hives
  • Congestion
  • Bloating
  • Coughing
  • Fussiness
  • Low blood
  • Abdominal cramps

Does Intolerance Occur Even After Breast Milk?

We all know that breast milk is an optimal and complete nourishing option for our infants. It rarely happens that a baby’s immune system reacts against breast milk. Even if your baby is allergic to formula milk because of protein, breast milk would be the best consideration.

If your baby is suffering from any allergic or intolerance signs even after drinking breast milk, consult your doctor immediately for better assistance. As a mom, one should take care of her diet to avoid the triggering signs of breast milk allergies and intolerance in infants.

Now, the question is, if you are not able to breastfeed your baby, what would be the best formula milk option? You have to choose the formula based on your baby’s condition and digestion power. However, organic start Loulouka with three different stages formulas will be the best choice for your infant.

Best Milk Formulas For Sensitive Babies:

Well, there are several options available when you search for the best baby formula milk. But you have to choose one after knowing about your baby’s nutritional needs and health condition. We have some best suggestions if you are looking for the ideal baby formula for your sensitive baby. So, let’s start discussing these formulas in detail;

· Loulouka organic Baby Formula:

Loulouka formula will be the best consideration for your infant if he doesn’t have lactose intolerance. This formula comes in three different stages, including

  1. Loulouka stage 1 organic infant milk formula
  2. Loulouka formula stage 2
  3. Loulouka stage 3 formula

The Loulouka stage formula is based on 100% lactose. Coconut oil is the primary fat in this formula. It is for newborn babies to onward according to their nutrient needs and requirements. Loulouka stage 2 formula is based on 70% lactose and 30% maltodextrin. It is for 6-12 months old, babies.

Loulouka stage 3 formula is for ten months to onward babies. Stage 3 Loulouka formula is just like stage 2, but with more calories.

· Holle Formula:

Holle formula also comes in three different stages, just like the Loulouka formula. However, the ingredients and quantity of different fats are different from the Loulouka formula. If you want to choose Holle formula for your infant, you also have to search for Holle formula English instructions. So, you can use and prepare it in the right way for your baby.

The best thing about this formula is that goat milk is the main ingredient. So, it would be the best choice for those babies who show cow’s milk intolerance. The different stages of Holle organic formula are;

  1. Holle BIO Stage one: best goat milk formula for 0-6 months babies
  2. Holle BIO Stage Two: goat milk formula for 6-12 months old babies
  3. Holle BIO Stage Three: goat milk formula for 10 months to onward babies
  • Best formula for gas and spit-up issues
  • Best formula for gassy infants
  • Best goat milk formula than cow milk
  • Best formula for babies with sensitive stomach

· Hipp HA Formula:

Hipp HA is a hypoallergenic formula that helps better digestion without severe intolerance issues and allergies. This formula milk also contains natural probiotic lactic acid. The main carbohydrate in this formula is lactose. The Hipp HA formula is also staged in three different stages for a better choice.

  1. Hipp HA Combiotik Pre-Stage Formula: Best for babies with FPIES. It also doesn’t include starch and sweetening ingredients. Best for 0-6 months, babies.
  2. Hipp HA 1 Combiotik: 0-6 months babies
  3. Hipp HA 2 Combiotik: 6 to onward babies

You will be surprised to know that the Hipp formula comes in two different categories based on their manufacturing regions, especially if you are a new parent.

1. Hipp German:

If your baby is suffering from fussing and constipation issues, Hipp German formula would be the best choice for a sensitive stomach. It further comes in two categories. So, you can also choose one of them according to your infant’s needs and nutritional requirements.

  • Best formula for colic and gas issues
  • Best formula for spit-up issues
  • Best formula for constipation
  • Best baby formula for reflux and sensitive stomach
  • Best baby formula for constipation prevention

· Hipp Comfort:

If your baby is allergic to lactose, this German Hipp comfort formula with less lactose is a great choice. It also included natural probiotics, just like breast milk, to save your baby’s immune system.

· Hipp Reflux:

This formula is the best choice for babies suffering from gas or refluxing issues. It includes organic locust bean gum. Locust bean gum produces reflux acid for better digestion and to deal with gas issues.

2. Hipp Dutch:

Hipp Dutch also includes probiotics and lactose for better digestion. It comes in three different stages that are following:

  • Stage 1 for 0-6 months babies
  • Stage 2 for 6-12thmonths babies
  • Stage 3 for 10 to onward babies.

Hipp Dutch and Hipp German both don’t include starch (maltodextrin).

Whether you are looking for cow milk formula or lactose-free baby formula for your infant, you can buy all high-quality baby formula brands from our website. We are happy to announce that we have a complete product line of different EU-certified baby formulas for sensitive babies!